The End

I've decided that this is not going so well. I haven't posted in forever, I just got a Facebook and will probably spend all of my computer time on there, and...well, yeah I guess that's it. No one's even reading this, so what's the point? There is no point, so don't answer that question. So, until I feel the urge to blog, bye for now!


Pip the Mighty Squeak

(Above: What I'm going to be for Halloween.)
My dad doesn't want to have to get the newspaper anymore because the company wants some blank amount of money from us, so The Journal Sentinel keeps calling. But I have an idea! Lightning has struck my brain! When the phone rings, I'm going to talk to The Journal Sentinel about anything I can think of. School, fiber, the color of my eyes, essays, books, fashion, anything! This will either a) get them to never call again, or b) make them my "very best friend". Now I just have to wait for them to call...


Hayao and Joe

If you have never seen a Miyazaki film, I am so sorry. They are the best! I watched my first one when I was, like, three! It was My Neighbor Totoro, and then I saw Kiki's Delivery Service, and then Spirited Away, and then Castle in the Sky, and then Howl's Moving Castle, Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke, The Cat Returns, Ponyo, and finally Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I still haven't seen Grave of the Fireflies, because it looks too depressing. My sister has, though, but that was only on Youtube so I don't think it counts... Maybe later in life I'll see it!


Last night my mom's cousin (Steve) came and visited us. Actually, he didn't visit us, his work brought him here. Anyway, we went to a French restaurant called Pastiche, and while I ordered Steak Frites, my sister ordered Rabbit. She had had it before, and said it was good. So I decided I'd try it, and guess what! RABBIT IS REALLY GOOD!! And I mean really! So now I check that off my list of foods I want to try.
That reminds me, another thing on my bucket list is to be in a flash mob. So, does anyone know anything about being in a flash mob in Milwaukee? PLEASE let me know! If you don't know what a flash mob is, click here and here. Or look it up on Google.


For Jackie

In my personal opinion, (and yes, I know this is a little late) even though I'm not America's Got Talent's biggest fan and I really don't know much about Michael Grimm, I think Jackie Evancho should have won. More here. No, I didn't vote, my parents pay for my phone bill and wouldn't let me. I also don't know the voting rules, so I don't know if it's a 1800 number and I really don't have to pay for it after all. Tell me about all my mistakes later...
I'm excited because I finished my homework early! Oh jeez that sounds so dorky. Well, whoop-de-doo for me, I can blog now! I just hope school will be like this throughout the year. Still, my English teacher told me to start expecting heavier loads of homework... I don't think teachers should threaten their students like that. If any teachers can reply and tell me how much homework they give their students on average it'd be great! Or even how much their kids get (if they have any) per week!
You know, I was really planning on this being just about Jackie Evancho (hence the title), but oh well.


The Beginning

Hello! My first blog, so congrats to The First Commenter! Now I gotta think of something to write about... Any good books out there? I''m counting the days until Kirsten Miller publishes her third book of the Kiki Strike series, I totally recommend them! They're about butt-kicking girl super-spies in New York and I love 'em! Back on topic, there are also Ingrid Law's books: Savvy and Scumble. Spell Check, that IS TOO a word! It's a painter's term. Sheesh.
What a wonderful first post! I'll probably write more later tonight, so stay tuned!